Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Jacobus

We've been hearing about The Jacobus for years. The adorable house right by the U of A campus. New. Convenient. Spacious. Perfect place for pre-pub crawl festivities. So it was exciting that Shana could move in for her senior year with three good friends. When I found out her roomies would be gone for the three day weekend, I invited myself and the in-town-for-a-conference-other-half for a slumber party. 

The Three Musketeers, but this time on Shana's turf.
Daddy's Girl

In our Girl Scouts gear

We snuggled, we did the forty-something version of a pub crawl, dinner with the bf, then back in the car to drive across the street for dessert, we spread out in the bigger than a hotel room house, checked out the backyard, fixed some squeaks. I was impressed by the whole roommate thing - the organization, the camaraderie, the cleanliness, the glaring evidence of goal-oriented studiousness of the place (I can't seem to get through a four day friends' trip anymore without a big blowout). Plus - not one beer pong ball in sight - see, excellent cleaners! Dr. Dad went off to learn him somethin' at a conference with medical marijuana and STDs on the day's schedule, while Ms. Student and I did a little campus tour,
 complete with glittery Band Day competition events and a trip to the science building (Shana's first time inside) for a cool exhibit about gas. Who knew neon and helium could be so exciting? 
She even promised to take Zach there later for a laser show in the planetarium. We went to the Girl Scout office for another glimpse into Shana's senior year activities. The kid's doing great. Skating through classes, study groups, mentoring, tutoring, promoting, figuring it all out down in T-Town.

Some medical advice on The Jacobus wall

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