Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Bitchin' Time

When you get through the doorman and walk into a swanky CenPho apartment and this is the first thing you see, you know it's going to be a good night. My Bono. Looks a little Gangsta there, but that's OK.  There's Springsteen off to the right for you Jersey Girls, but cool Jill knows who needs to be front and center. She knows all about design - it's her day job and it definitely shows. Wow, right out of a magazine.
There's Kathy modeling on the bed and an amazing Snow White mirror in the boudoir.
We had some of Amy's soon-to-be-world-famous grapefruitcellos on the 10th floor balcony, watching the glittery city down below and heard all about a new Facebook Prince Charming, the needs-a-lint-roller chemical peel, the upcoming Tulum retreat and the elevator rules - no Chinese food or Starbucks, no bags, no young divorcees, and definitely no renters, before heading to Space55 to check out A Bitch In Time. Kim and Sativa brought down the house! Jaw-dropping incredible.
I'm still processing the pointy-boobed guy in drag and the camel-toed Superwoman's coal-exploding chest. Since we're so tragically hip (ha!), we ended the night at Lux Central, where the tragically hip live and breathe, where we laughed at blue typewriters, named drinks, pointed and whispered as I wondered whether it was good or bad to be with the head honcho after a not so great review (turns out, good) and topped it all off with a little Stripper 101 lesson in the parking lot - give him a cookie, take it away, give him a cookie, take it away...
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