Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Simple Farm

Wow - I wish you could smell this. Basil, tarragon, parsley, other stuff, freshly cut.

I had to go Downtown to find a gem in my own backyard. New groovy friend, Kathy, is a real foodie and the other night mentioned The Simple Farm, just down the street from me on 90th and Cactus. It's been there a couple of years and I've driven past dozens of times, but have never even noticed it. Shawn needed some herbs for his famous roasted root vegetable dish for Thanksgiving, so we stopped by and were totally drawn in by an amazing lady. Red lipstick, cool boots, probably a former hippie, and totally adorable. She gave us the private tour, snipping herbs along the way, filling up the silver platter she gave us to hold. When Shawn turned his nose up at the thought of radishes, she gave him some as a gift
and told him to sauté them and they would be the sweetest thing ever.
She was right. Yum. She loaded us up with herbs and we couldn't resist some apple butter, strawberry/honey jam and some goat's milk/lavender soap. All handmade right there. Check out these eggplant.
What a fun place. The Simple Farm.

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