Monday, November 7, 2011


I never liked that toilet. It was cute when we first met, but things went down the drain soon afterward. If you flushed the lever too quickly, the water would run and run and run until somebody noticed and went back in to fix it (Friends and Family Members - this is why I would go to the bathroom so many times during your visits). The flushing capacity was never up to par, either, forcing us to come up with the (warning: upcoming TMI) rule - Poop. Flush. Paper. Flush. This defeated the water-conservation issue, but prevented plunging problems, so it was worth it. The seat lid hinge cracked a few months ago and, more recently, the whole toilet started to wiggle when an individual would sit down. So, as you can see, the toilet has hit the curb. I thought about decorating it while it waits for today's trash pick-up. Maybe turn it into a Martha Stewart planter or some kind of modern art piece. 
Then I figured making it disappear with the Sunday morning yard trimmings would be more appreciated. 


  1. Your discarded toilet is newer than my presently-used toilets!

  2. Ha - keep them! My twenty-five year old toilets are still doing fine :)