Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mr. Veggieman is back

I had nothing to do with it this time. After all of the Food, Inc.Forks Over Knives, meat is gross, what's really in a hot dog discussions that I've led in our household, Shawn switched over to vegetarianism on his own. He's reading the new Steve Jobs book
and was inspired by the guy's eating habits. Last time he switched to my team from his he-man Atkins world, he only survived a few weeks, so I'm going to really enjoy this conversion while I can. So far this week he's created a mushroom, broccoli, black bean casserole, asparagus butternut squash risotto with spinach and Parmesan cheese-stuffed mushrooms and amazing grilled artichokes (please excuse the not-ready-for-food-porn, non-platescaped photos). 
Thanks, Steve.

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