Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tucson: last day of the month before school starts. Jam packed with Dads galore and lots of trucks - U-Hauls, Budgets, Penskes, Bob's moving and lucky us, cool Superman Noah in his new Black Pearl sweet ride truck. Only took two trips from last year's house in Tucson to this year's apartment in Tucson - crossing our fingers that it didn't rain on the mattresses.

It didn't. Thank God.

We packed up. We cleaned, sort of. Apparently, the girls did not clean for an entire year, then the place sat empty for over a month - dust bunnies the size of pillows. Shana said something about the vacuum cleaner breaking after one use back in September, but there were Swifters all over, unused. I did my best then gave up - figuring that whatever the deposit was, it wasn't worth it. We found some friends and took a break for lunch (above Stacy, Jenna and twin, Shana's BFF, Girl Jordan).

We found a Dong Bong in the closet ( these days!)

 - proud owner was T--- from upstairs - sign on the door read -  T---'s Porn Cave - this from a girl that was so depressed she didn't come out of her room almost the entire first semester, so I guess Little Miss Dong Bong Porn Cave girl

 is a step in the right direction. Right?

We swept up, took out the trash, left the Dong Bong for T--- and headed back to the highway in the rain with all the other trucks.

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