Thursday, July 22, 2010

Put DOWN The Brownie

How many Weight Watchers points does one mini brownie have? Well, more like five of them. Ok, six, maybe six. I loaded up the house the other day for Shana's friends - brownies, chips and dip, sugary sodas, (even some healthy veggies and watermelon balls) but I just couldn't walk away. I told her to give away the brownies. Get them out of the house. She said, "God. Mom, just put down the brownies." That's like telling an alcoholic to just walk past the bar. Today is the 75th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous and I listened to an NPR show in the car. Is it a disease? Is it a behavior? Somehow related to your religion? Heritage? Why can't people just stop drinking? I've known some that have done it cold turkey and never looked back. Why are they different? Who are those people? Maybe I'd have an easier time with that. I can drive right by bars all day long and I'm fine. But lately, after my brownie sugar fix, I've been dreaming about macaroni and cheese, a 6 inch tuna sandwich from Subway (though I have made it through a foot-long in the past - which step is that? the powerless one?), a big doughy bagel with tons of whipped cream cheese. I spotted a box of Paradise Bakery muffins somebody brought to the office today and almost got the shakes, wished I had some kind of sponsor to call, but then looked down at the old pair of Banana Republic white denim capris I had on that, until today, haven't zipped up for a few years and kept going. Cold turkey.

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  1. I understand the temptation - it's a slippery slope. Good luck with the fight, and congrats on your success thus far!