Saturday, July 17, 2010

aka Lisa Segal

Tonight I was Lisa Segal again. The old Hopi/Ingleside/Arcadia gang keeps getting bigger and bigger and we gathered up at good old Tee Pee for some more tales of yesteryear as well as some current gossip, preceded by a girls only pre-bash bash at Pita Jungle. I kept hearing "Lisa Segal" floating through the teqilla-filled air as the old stories circled from group to group. The you dated him? was it the TWIRP dance that turned him gay? is three marriages is enough now? are you okay to drive? were you really the model for that adult toy? you had a "supplier" in high school? which teacher did you have for English? the alcoholic that spent his lunchtimes here at Tee Pee at the bar? or the one that almost lost his job after that night at the now long-gone Monastery? It was a crazy mix, a mix that didn't occur back in the day, but now, somehow, as grown-ups it works. We blend. Just like a Tee Pee margarita. On the rocks. With salt.

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