Monday, July 26, 2010

I Spy

Workshop needs a lot of help, but that's not why I do it. There are tons of kids (150 17 -21 year old this session), the week-long programs are crammed full from early morning 'til late at night with activities and skits and talking, talking, talking. They're busy. Plus it's a non-profit that really tries to give back to the community, making scholarships available so nobody misses out. So we all try to pitch in. Tonight Shawn and I picked up the pizzas (graciously donated from Streets of New York

- yum, go buy their stuff - except my car will probably smell like pepperoni for a long time) and helped with the whole dinner production. It's fun to be with this crowd. Everybody is so polite. It's all pleases and thank yous and we couldn't have done it without yous and you're really donating all of that stuff? really? you are an angel! They know how to lay on the charm thick. Tonight we volunteers were even applauded a couple of times. It was deafening. Beautiful. I love to help. It's a worthy cause. But the real reason I show up is to spy. Spy on Shana. It's so great to watch her in her element, taking charge, leading the way with her "family." It's her last year. This is her last official week. The kids head off to Hawley Lake in August for a retreat and then she's done. No more Workshop. So the countdown is on and I'm trying to soak it all in, a la senior year in high school. A bunch of kids showed up late tonight and spread out all over the house. I got in some more quality spying time listening to all of those girls' voices as they whispered for long after they should have gone to sleep, considering their quickly approaching 6:30am wakeup call - time to get to Einstein's for a bagel and back for day two.

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