Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Junk Drawer

I'm sort of a pig, but I can usually find what I need in my house. It's the stuff that I never need that's the problem. It piles up in closets and cupboards and the laundry room and the garage until I can't open the doors anymore. But, starting today, that has changed. After helping my in-laws for a few days pack up their recently sold house, I realized that one junk drawer is enough. They had thirty year old stuff in every nook and cranny of the 5,000 square foot house. Thank God my mother-in-law is an extremely organized neat freak (so unlike me), making the process somewhat bearable. I came home and purged. In two hours alone I made it through two large cabinets in my bathroom, resulting in two bags of trash, one bag of recycling, twelve mini sewing kits I'm keeping and two boxes I have already dropped off at Goodwill. It looks good. 

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