Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's A Dry Heat

You know that people make fun of us when we say, "it's a dry heat," but look who's laughing now. From what I hear from my sister, Amy, in NY and my sistah, Laurel, in Wisconsin, it's worse out there. People are dropping like flies. Hot, sticky, steamy. Amy said somebody measured the temperature coming off of the sidewalk and it was 140. It's not like I'm out running around in our high of 102 today, but I'm not hiding, either. On the 3rd and 4th, we went out to watch the fireworks and it was actually nice both nights. Temps in the 80s. Breezy. No humidity. No complaining. No sweat.

Cute pic of hot POTUS and FLOTUS (I guess no matter how disgusting it is in DC in the summer, it's not so bad if you own the place).

So, sorry it's so gross out there, but I'll take high and dry anytime.


  1. I agree, Lisa. My husband and I ate very pleasantly outside on the patio (with no sprinklers) at Roy's at Desert Ridge on Saturday night. It was beautiful out!

  2. more clouds than sun and 80% humidity.....

    miss you ready for a patio lipstick call

  3. It's a date! How about the patio at Roy's, late August? Linda, you need to come, too!