Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Club - The Girls From Ames

The Girls from Postino. Well, at least the Jaye, Jill, Ronnie, Leslie, Isabelle and Lisa girls met at the cool, totally hopping, CenPho Postino locale for a middle of summer party complete with wine, bruchetta and lots of tales from our years together, not quite forty yet, but getting there - the slumber parties, the vodka-swilling, wax your nipples psychic, the B and B second grade teachers at Kachina, the Y2K bash, the old photo albums, the divorces, the new just down the street Renegade Canteen and then the upcoming trips - the wedding, the 2nd annual Pinetop Extravaganza and lots of fun in between.

The Girls from Ames was about a group of women going back some 40 years and all of the details of their connection. Nice, quick summer read, but, personally, my book club is so much more interesting!

Just finished The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - great, great.

Just started Traveling with Pomegranates - a mother-daughter story that sounds like Shana and me in a few years - we better start planning that trip to Greece!

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