Friday, July 2, 2010


I thought that I was too young to be a Deadhead. I missed out on the whole tie-dye, acid-dropping, VW van traveling days, coming of age instead with big hair, shoulder pads and wine cooler 80's music. But tonight, hanging out with total Deadhead friend at the cool new spot The Compound Grill, I saw what it was all about as we listened to a Grateful Dead cover band. Great music. Really. There were some fans dancing, or "twirling" as I learned a new word for people sort of swaying and turning like they are in a dream or trance or had way too many wine coolers. But it all took Deadhead Carla back to the days of the real band, except for the clear head and sparkling clean bathrooms.

Next up - Lipstick Call with AZ Chicks With Picks 8pm July 15th

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