Monday, July 26, 2010

Down Under

It's always been hard for me to actually pay for oranges. I live in Arizona. I grew up just picking them for free. We had so many oranges at times we would give bags and bags of them away. So when I walk into a store these days and see oranges for $2 a pound or more, making them like .75 a orange, I just have to walk away. But today there was a sale. Only .88 a pound. Wow, so cheap. Then I looked lower and saw that they were Australian oranges. Half a world away. How can they grow an orange, pick an orange, crate an orange, drive an orange to the airport, fly an orange thousands of miles to Phoenix, drive an orange to some warehouse, put an orange in yet another truck, drive an orange to Fry's, pay some guy to put the orange on the display and pay somebody else to ring it up for .88 a pound? Something's not right. I'll wait for my tree.

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