Friday, January 1, 2010

Up Up and Away

To get the new year off to a flying start, sister Amy and I headed up up and away for a sunset ride through the desert in a hot air balloon. It was incredible. The afternoon was just perfect, sun shiny, fluffy white clouds, a little wind. As we rose up I got sort of a Dorothy heading out of Oz feeling. Once we got up, the silence was amazing. It was so peaceful  as we floated away from the city and the interstate and the hustle and bustle and into the desert. Except for the occasional dog barking at us and the sound of the fire bursting into the balloon carrying us, the noise was gone. The sky and the mountains were beautiful - blue, purple, orange, pink and then when we landed softly at sunset in the middle of nowhere, the horizon turned a deep red. Unbelievable. "Hello 2010," said Mother Nature. The group gathered  for a Champagne and treats from Vincent's party before calling it a night. As Amy and I pulled into my neighborhood, the moon was just rising, low, massive, yellow and another reminder to make this year a beautiful one, to get out there, outside, put my feet in the grass and my head in the clouds as often as I can. Thanks, Amy. Happy New Year, baby.

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