Friday, January 15, 2010

Jesse Cook

Sold out, schmold out. After a rollicking good time on the fun patio on a gorgeous night at AZ88, Louise and I left the rest of the party poopering gang (Maddie and Carla - but we still love them!)

and managed to get the two last tickets right up front to see Jesse Cook. I thought I had never heard of him, but turns out, I just wasn't paying attention. He played several songs I recognized and when I came home to tell Shawn about this fabulous new guy I discovered, he told me we already have a couple of his CDs. Oh well. Anyway, incredible guitar playing, great band - drums, violin, accordian - really amazing. AZ88 was hopping beforehand and we met up with some old friends (Art and Rich) in the restaurant and hotel industry to find out the lowdown of what's really going on in this town. Apparently Lon's is the new (not old anymore) place to be. We had some good wine and even some red roses showed up at the table. What a treat!!

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