Monday, January 4, 2010

Movie Madness - Up in the Air

Some people just don't get it. I was trying to explain Movie Madness to somebody at a New Year's Eve party and he just gave me the look. The I have to work look. The I have a life look. The I have a million other things I need to do look. The I have the kids and the house and the car and the job and the errands and the class and the spouse and I could never possibly run off to the movies in the middle of the day because I'm so very perfect and responsible look. I've seen it before, believe me. So when Mr. Party Guy said that he had to work and I asked him why he wasn't working then. Right now. On New Year's Eve? Who gave him permission to take time off of work? Why couldn't he stay late at work one day? Come in early one day? Maybe show up on a Saturday morning? Now there's something his boss would probably say yes to. There's something his clients would appreciate. Be a little flexible, man. Yeah, yeah, my life is easy. I work right by the theater, have a flexible job, empty nest and a self-sufficient husband. But I figure it's an investment. It's like therapy. I never walk out of a movie without appreciating my life more. I always am amazed by the art of the movie. The direction, the acting, the scenery, the music, the writing. It's like going to a museum. How did they get that shot? Where did they come up with that word? That look? It's always worth every minute, every penny and somehow everything else eventually gets done. And sneaking out of life in the middle of the day - so naughty, so ditch dayish. So Frenchie, how 'bout it?

Today we got the year off to a flying start. George Clooney - Up in the Air. Good turn-out, mavens, petite ya yas and even two humans of the male persuasion - way to go Neal and Jordan. The movie was good, maybe not the five stars I've seen around, but makes you think. What do you want to put in your backpack? What's important enough to carry around with you all the time? Family, friends, a make the world a better place by healing the sick job and Movie Madness, of course!


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