Friday, January 22, 2010


"Sophie Only Seems Sad"
At first glance, Sophie seemed a bit strange. Maybe it's the weird colors on her face, the long neck, the hair. Or it might have been the 30 minute over exposure to Western art and oil painted coyotes and dangly beaded earrings before we met, but after a while, she grew on me. Maddie and I spent a long time talking to her artist about his mid-life crisis at 50 when he decided to stop painting for other people and just paint what he likes. Find some new colors. No more decorator pieces that are commissioned to match the sofa. And since he threw caution to the wind, he's been happier. Funny how that works. The Celebration of Art event on Scottsdale Rd and Mayo Blvd will be there for a few more months (half price coupons online making the total cost a whopping $4 for the entire run). It's full of talented people who are working on their art as you walk by. Talk to them. You may learn something. You may fall in love with Sophie after all.

After taking in the art with Carla, too, we met up with Robin, Cecily and Louise at the fabulous Herb Box. Happy Hour discounts just make everything all better (but I'm still recovering from an I can't remember the last time that happened hangover, so I abstained). The talk was the kids, the men, what the new definition of marriage should be. Maybe it's a rare thing that a marriage lasts a lifetime in these days. Maybe a couple could define their own relationship, not just society's ways. Maybe we need to learn to do divorce better in this country. Enough already with the two year, three year, four year or even decade long recovery process. Yeah, who am I to judge, I know, I know. I've got a swell guy. We've talked. We've defined. We're in it for the long haul. Just the two of us. Promise. But if something ever happens, I hope that I can kiss him good-bye, thank him for the fun ride with no regrets and move on.

At least I'll have my new friend Sophie.

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