Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Shana lost money on the deal, but it was a good lesson. Sometimes work gets in the way of life.  I went along for the ride for Shana's school still hasn't started and I'm still at home in Phoenix and I really don't want to drive to Tucson to go to work but I really have no other choice, other than to quit, and I really do like my job so I need to do it trip to Tucson. We stopped at Starbucks and had a rollicking time on the I-10. We sang at the tops of our lungs. We noticed the hot air balloons flying around. She went to work. I putzed around. Had sushi. Shopped. She got off work and we went the back way home. Beautiful desert. Made fun of the other drivers. More loud singing. She taught me how to do the in-the-air fist bump without looking like an idiot. She said that she really likes her job. She said that they really like her. Tested her a bit today on the inventory, making clear she's no seasonal helper and they planned the upcoming play "The Frog Prince" where she'll be the narrator. Good kid. Good employee. Good lesson learned.

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