Friday, January 29, 2010

The Girls Are Back In Town

(photo - the girls back in the day )
Leslie, Soosie (well, now that we've grown up it's Susie, but I can't seem to write it like that yet) and I got together in the old 'hood at Tee Pee. Since Soosie never left the place everybody still knew her - something about having her Realtor pic on every shopping cart at Safeway seems to help. We looked at old pictures, the ones with the rounded corners that you ordered doubles of so you could share. I had forgotten about some of the trips to San Diego, sitting around the fire pit at night in the sand. There were the days at Disneyland and all of the parties, the Fozzie Bear I kept for way too long, kids in Izod shirts lined up on 70's couches, Farrah Fawcett hair. Did you like him? What? She stole him from you? Her dad was crazy, mom drunk, sister cranky, brother still exactly the same, boyfriend gay, dog named Hey You and Seagram the cat I gave away that got hit by a car, leading to my sobbing meltdown in the middle of Arcadia High. The years since, the dating, the divorce, the kids, the no kids and the old stuff melting into the new, the future plans, maybe another trip to the beach, maybe a new Farrah Fawcett haircut.

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