Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mary vs. Mother Nature

Poor, sweet Mary never had a chance. All I could focus on in yoga tonight was the rain. The pounding rain outside the wall of windows in our room. The dark mountains and the black night getting soaked by Mother Nature. Mary's calm words and beautiful music were there somewhere, too, but by the end of class, even she gave up, turned off the lights and the ihome and we just listened. All of us desperately dry desert dwellers listened to the rain.

Well, there was one thing I heard. Mary had us all line up against the classroom wall, facing it, almost shoulder to shoulder in our unusually large class. I smiled to myself when I spotted a small label on the cupboard door that said, "Social Action" - perfect. We all chuckled a little when Mary bent over, making it look so easy, but pretty soon we all did the same thing. Nice guy on my left and nice gal on my right. We faced the wall, stood about 6 inches from it, hollowed out our stomachs and chests and folded over. Try it. Eventually your back will rest, upside down, on the wall in a really supportive, stretchy kind of way. For extra fun, scoot your feet closer to the wall and/or put your arms up the wall. It's hard to explain, but if I could figure it out with all that gorgeous drumbeat of rain fogging my brain, it should be a piece of cake in a quiet house.

Namaste. Thanks, Mary.

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