Friday, January 22, 2010

Titans Rule

The hostess had some massive boobs and John couldn't keep his eyes off them. I just sat down, met his girlfriend and he and fellow guy at the table, Tim, just kept going on and on about them. Some things never change from high school. Various combinations of the old high school gang are trying to stay in touch (that's Leslie up there, too). A lunch here and there, holiday happy hour, whatever. It's fun to watch as the stories from long ago are turning into current happenings and plans for the future. But we did rehash all the cars we used to drive and the parties we used to go to. I remembered that Sneaky Pete D. crashed my Mom's Land Shark yellow Lincoln through our garage wall and how we blamed oh-so-perfect Pete B for the crime, since he could do no wrong. Hadn't thought about that one in decades. comes the hostess. John, stop it!

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