Monday, August 31, 2009

Movie Madness - Taking Woodstock

Peace, Man! I was born too late for Woodstock and even though sometimes I think that I would have fit right in to the whole sex, drugs and rock 'n roll culture, it probably wasn't for me. We had our own fun in the 80s with a whole lot less mud. But the movie was good, even though it was really more of a coming-of-age film about a boy, rather than the music fest that the Movie Madness Mavens (even including a true blue Deadhead) were looking for. The direction and acting and the 60s feel were incredible and the great universal parent/child drama was hilarious. But now I want more. I want to hear the music. I want to see the people. I want to know what it was really like to be there. I want to try some acid. Well, actually, a soy chai sounds pretty good right now.

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