Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bike Path

Shana was practically hyperventilating. I NEED A BIKE!!! (She has a bike in the garage in Scottsdale) I can't go on like this! (it's day two of school and she told me that she got a ride both ways, both days, even though I checked out her debit card and saw a $6 parking garage charge). I told her last week to look at all of her options. Map out the classes. Look at the routes for the Cat Tran and the Sun Tran and whatever other "tran" they have. Stay calm. You live one mile away from school. You have your car. You only have two classes a day. BUT I NEED A BIKE! So the kid was in a bike store checking out the brand new, adorable, shiny bikes (shouldn't she be studying?). I said, first of all, you are never going to ride that bike, Shana. Come on, admit it. You'll ride it to school once, then miraculously figure out a less sweaty way to get there (the map out the classes, map out the "tran" speech will finally sink in). So, I'm not going to buy you something with all of the bells and whistles that is just itching to get stolen. Okay? Breathe. Calm down. There must be a bulletin board with bikes on it. Check Craigslist. She sighed. But, Mom. So, of course, I checked Craigslist and within 30 seconds found an adorable beach cruiser, great shape for $100 bucks, right by school. Shana called, offered $80 (my idea) and now she is the proud owner of a bike. A bike she'll never ride.

Maybe I'll post it back on Craigslist. I bet I can get $100 for it.

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