Friday, August 28, 2009


After watching a couple of movies lately where the nicknames were flying, I realized that my typical "Honey" term of endearment just doesn't cut it anymore. I need to expand, beef it up, sweeten the pot. So far I've got: Sugah, Sugarplum, Buttercup, Pooh Bear, Sport, Cowboy, Muffincakes (better than Muffintop), Doll, Dollface, Honey Bunny, Pumkie, Big Guy, Baby, Babycakes, Bud. My adorable Cowboy and Sugarplum at home are loving it. So I'll keep adding and mixing it up. You can't live by Honey alone. Well, some of us can't.


  1. Bub, bubbie, snook, snookum, and shmoopie. Not that I would ever utter any of these words...

  2. Sort of stuck on a terms of endearment fruit salad - hi strawberry shortcake, hey there pineapple upside-down cake, mushy cantaloupe, honeydew, juicy, juicy watermelon, and the always classic -peaches