Friday, August 28, 2009

No whining, right?

It's hot out there. Officially we're in the middle of a three day heat warning. The very young and old are supposed to stay inside or they will die. Die. But the rest of us are allowed out. We can handle it, especially those of us that have committed not to complain. No whining all summer. Focus on the positives. The positives. It's getting harder. My car battery died last week. Shana's did the week before. My water bill has doubled just so I can keep my plants alive and you should see my pool noodles. Pathetic. I'm starting to get a little cranky. I think it's the humidity - makes it feel so much hotter. But the positives, the positives. At least the humidity drops the temp to below 100 at night, we've even been seeing some 80s, practically sweater weather and the pool is now back to swimmable again after being bath water for months. Pool noodles are cheap, there's a good one. August is almost over - three more days. September just sounds cooler, doesn't it?

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