Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The tutu is open!

Guru yogi, Mary, led the class in the sanctuary tonight. I love it in there, so dark, so peaceful. The walls are brick, curved round in places and the ceiling sort of curves in and out, too, sometimes not connecting to the edge, giving an ocean-wavy, jelly fish feeling. She stretched us out, opened us up and even taught us a new way to breathe that cools the body (sort of make a “straw” with your tongue and suck in the air, exhale through your nose – cool, right?) Mary did some long, slow restorative poses since it’s so hot out (but I’m not complaining) and I think I was asleep when I heard the bell chiming me back to life. Well, maybe not all the way back to life, since as I was backing out of my parking space I forgot which way to turn the steering wheel in order to make the car go to the left. I figured it out and made my way down beautiful Lincoln Road into a gorgeous pink and purple sunset, moon rising.

peace is not a relationship of nations.

it is a condition of mind
brought about by a serenity of soul.
lasting peace can come only
to peaceful people.
~jawaharlal nehru

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