Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lipstick Call

The girls and I were trying to come up with a little code, a word, a phrase, something, anything that would force us to get up, get out and gather together in the worst of times, the times when it's easier to stay away. I think we settled on Lipstick Call - the call you need to take, the one you can't ignore since your sisters are the ones that may mean the most in the end. So tonight we found the perfect new place in the 'hood, ( our own little Cheers-like joint where everybody definitely knows our names and knows where we're from (like co-owner Paul from Boston and adorable bartender, Michael, that changed our lives forever with his margaritas with his Russian, Romanian and Egyptian roots, to local girls Lisa and Louise, to Jo from Omaha to the girl from Minneapolis where they must teach you how to put the happy in Happy Hour, Laurel). Now they know what we drink, how we like it (a couple of ice cubes never hurt anything) and maybe most importantly, just how salty we are. Salty enough to hang up on a Lipstick Call? No way.

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