Friday, August 28, 2009

Hot Date

The email said - 75% off summer sale at frances vintage. That's all it took to drag me all the way across town in 113 degrees. I lured Shawn with the promise of a hot date, some tapas at Lola's while we were out that way. I perused the adorable funky store while Mr. Metrosexual got lost in the lotions, potions and soy candles. Of course we found nothing on sale, but you should check it out anyway We carried our meltable new purchases from the hot, hot, hot car into so incredibly cool and hip Lola's for some yummy tapas - crusty bread and olive oil, garbanzo beans with tons of garlic and spinach, steak stuffed with chunky blue cheese, tomatoes filled with nuts and cheese and more, more, more as the sangria with peaches and oranges and lemons and a big cinnamon stick kept coming. We listened to some great tunes and hung out with the cool people of Phoenix for a spontaneous Hot Date Night.

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