Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go Wildcats

The little Wildcat is heading back to school soon and the 'ol empty nest feeling is back. I talked to another mom in the same boat and she's going around with the "this time next week..." thoughts, too, proving that the second year is still hard. But, God, what a difference a year makes. Last August I had been crying for a year, noticing every "last" thing. This is the last football game, the last senior party, the last back-to-school night, the last trip to Target, the last slumber party (don't even ask me about Graduation). Tomorrow we're going to Tucson for the day to move Shana in to her first house. No more dorm room. No more security guards. No more RA to call (not that I ever did). She's going to be out there on her own for the first time. She put the cable bill in her name. She's working on a chore schedule with her housemates. She's packed up her room. The walls are bare. The moving truck is full.

Maybe I'll bring along some Kleenex just in case.

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  1. I'm sure I'd be a mess too - certainly at the start of every year.