Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesdays With Mary

My Dad always says, "Never explain your jokes," but Tuesdays With Mary 

Get it? Anyway. Now that I'm recommitted to yoga every Tuesday again, just to make sure I didn't leave when it's still light outside, Mary added a Meditation class (not medication) after yoga just for September. I've taken a couple of classes before, but never quite got it. I could never sit still, stop scratching, sniffing, peeking at everybody else, clear the crazy thoughts from my head or get comfortable long enough to accomplish anything, so I was a little skeptical. But I finally saw the light. Literally. We learned how to sit up with a straight spine with our heads up. This keeps you from falling asleep, just one little tip of the head and you could go into unconsciousville, which now I know, isn't the point. So Mary said some things, something about "who are we without thoughts, emotion and memories?" and eventually the crazy thoughts left and everything was still. Later on, I have no idea how much later, I saw a shooting star-like flash of light, sort of a colored horizontal beam orbiting inside my empty head (I know what you're thinking). Then it came again. Very cool. I'll be back next week and see what happens. The sun was gone after class, just the silhouette of Camelback Mountain lit up by the moon.


  1. Really cool. I had the same experience years back and it only happened once. Where is your class?

  2. Oh good, maybe that means I'm not crazy! Class is at the Unitarian church on 40th and Lincoln - 7pm (10 bucks) - orange robe optional.

  3. I think I need an orange robe. I love that.
    See you Tuesday Lighted One. xox