Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ku De Ta

I walked in to a restaraunt in Bali several years ago and fell in love. With the floor. I decided to go home after some great beach time with Amy and Shana and turn my house into Ku De Ta. Black slate all over, lots of red and grey. That was about seven years ago and now, officially, I have black slate all over, no more carpet anywhere in the house. We started with the family room pretty soon after my excursion to Indonesia. A couple of years later it was the kitchen redo and some more white tile came out. Then it was room by room as I got sick of the carpet. Or the dog peed somewhere. Or Shana spilled hot purple candle wax in her room. Or we got a new office desk and black slate was so much better than white carpet. Now our extra room in the back is done. It's empty. My own little coup de tat - I've taken over. It's all mine. But what should I do with it? Wrapping paper room? Sewing room? Ha Ha. Maybe yoga retreat? Red mat?  Beach mural on the wall? Seabreeze scented candle?

Maybe I should go back for a little more inspiration.

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