Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bye Bye Big Surf

Oh no, say it ain't so. Big Surf is closing. Okay, I haven't been there for years. I don't even think I've seen all the new stuff that they have. I just remember the good 'ol days. The bragging rights when Phoenix got a beach, complete with actual waves coming every two minutes, the last day of school parties in middle school, the official and unofficial ditch days in high school, the waiting for mom in the parking lot sandy, sweaty, and sunburned after an entire day of eating hot dogs, boogie boarding, body surfing and peeing in the water. One time I even got sucked into the wave machine gate way under water and tumbled around and around and around until I got spit back out, probably just before my air ran out. And who could forget all of the summer night concerts and parties, toes wiggling in the sand, dancing in the dark. But it was never the same going back as a grown up. I took Shana a few times and the fun was replaced by "sunscreen, be careful, I'm not going on that twisted slide, and just ten more minutes, I mean it" until she got bored with the place, lured by the newer, fancier ones. But I never liked the new ones. They could never compare to Big Surf, the original, the one and only. So bye, Big Surf, thanks for the memories.

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