Tuesday, September 29, 2009


And that's a wrap.

Tia and Marco, coming soon to the web near you (and then on PBS). Final day of shooting in Cave Creek - 7:30pm to ? (I made it 'til 11:30 - and they applauded when I left, how cool is that?) Lots of close-ups and "cut-ins" shot tonight. During downtime in the finally cool, sweater weather on the patio in the desert, we all contemplated the worthiness of the new Jose Cuervo silver, the internationalness of Looseworld Productions - Cave Creek to LA could be international (depending on which way you go), how to fix my broken gaydar (Home Depot?), getting hair and mini make-overs, the hazards of having a TV in the bedroom, figuring out how much stuff to take out of a fake baby bump to go from six months pregnant to five months (large softball amount) and how sleep deprivation leads to pithiness.

It was fun to get out of my box and explore the fascinating, sexy world of film production. Annie is amazing and her crew somehow made what was going on inside her brain come to life. I can't wait to see the final product.

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