Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Big Apple

I have never actually bought anything at the Apple Store. That's Shawn's department. I just get to yell when my computer freezes up or loses something and Shawn the IT guy fixes it. If I ever found myself wandering around in the hip, colorful store, money was never exchanged. Until today. Shawn left his wallet in the car (so Kramer-y), handed his purchase to some random Mac guy walking around in the middle of the store (wearing an "I can talk about this stuff for hours" t-shirt) gave him the "talk to her" look and nodded in my direction. Apple guy whipped out a hand-held thingy and before too much time passed and I risked looking like an idiot, I realized that there weren't any cash registers anywhere in sight. So I pulled out some plastic. He swiped my card and asked me if I wanted him to email me my receipt. I said yes and that was that. Done. Cool.