Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Club - The Cellist of Sarajevo

These girls can dance! The night ended with roaring music, hips shaking and suds flying in the kitchen. It started with Cathy. She picked a good book (confession, I started to read it, couldn't finish it, but after the reviews from the Divas, I'll give it another chance). She created an incredible meal that we all devoured and all the extras in between - the candles, the wine, the cute, nice guy husband that couldn't ignore the impossible to ignore book club and joined us for a round or two. We had a full house and reviewed the "What I Did Last Summer" stories. It's never really about the book with this crowd (although we're all big readers), it's about the sitting around the table and laughing and dreaming and sometimes crying and planning our next adventure (like the upcoming three day weekend in Pinetop - the words pole dancing kept floating around, so who knows what will happen up there!)

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