Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bike Path Part III

Can the girl be taught?

Shana came home for the weekend and decided that she wanted to take her bike back to school with her. The bike that I spent all summer asking her about. Hey, Shana, do you want to take your bike to school with you? Huh? It would be so much easier to ride to class than to drive, really, parking's such a mess. You know, it's a great bike. Are you sure? Are you sure? Mom, I'm sure. I don't need a bike. Okay, so let's review. The kid gets to Tucson and suddenly needs a bike. Four roommates, one boyfriend, the Cat Tran, the Sun Tran, her two feet and still, suddenly, immediately, she needs a bike. So I find one on Craigslist (where there are at least two postings for stolen bikes for every one for sale). Be careful, Shana. Lock it up. Always lock it up. Yeah, yeah, right, Mom (I can hear her rolling her eyes). So, two days later, guess what? Stolen. Shawn brushed off the dusty bike in the garage. He showed Shana how to remove the front wheel so she can lock it up with the back half of the bike. She bought a lock. She loaded the thing up in her trunk and did the Thelma and Louise with Cali down the I-10. She rode it to school today. Eight minutes flat. Happily called to tell me.

I just rolled my eyes (but I bet she couldn't hear me).

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