Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Bono was in Oprah this month. Yeah, I read Oprah sometimes. We get it free at the office and I'm in her middle-aged, chubby, whine-y woman demographic, I can't help it. So other than some good advice about clearing out the clutter in your life by throwing away one thing a day (come on, ladies YOU can do it!), I got to read all about Bono. Superhero Bono who, along with his bff, The Edge, is writing the music for Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark. Julie Taymor (Lion King, Across The Universe)
is doing everything else. She described Bono like a Superhero - wowing crowds, saving the world and then turning into just a guy, a dad, a husband, kind of like Peter Parker or Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, making it all look so easy. Got to thinking about our own inner Superheros (sorry to sound so Oprah). How we go back and forth all day long, between roles, spinning webs, taking care of business, hopefully not falling down. Singing some U2 songs along the way.

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