Monday, January 3, 2011

The Spanish-American War

If cute, spoiled blond chick shows up to Spain with three suitcases, I'm pretty sure we would set back Spanish-American relations by years. I said - be reasonable. Be a good representative. Maybe you don't need three pairs of boots. Maybe you don't need three pairs of boots and a sparkly shirt and one pair of leggings in your carry-on and that's all, while the rest of your closest is checked. What if those bags are lost? Maybe 18 packs of gum aren't necessary in your backpack. And how about the gallon of saline solution? And what about this Buzz Lightyear flashlight? I think they have streetlights in Spain. I made some headway, got her down to two bags, one backpack and a maybe on the sparkly shirt.

And now, back to Buzz.

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