Saturday, January 8, 2011

And she's off..

There's been something very first day of Kindergarteny about the past few days as Shana got ready to go. I tried to cram all the life lessons in, make sure she had everything in her backpack, 
reminding her to say please and thank you, don't burp at the table, be quiet on her mat during siesta time, play nice with the others. 

We spent a lot of time snuggling on the couch in front of the fire, 
keeping the Christmas tree up until every drop of moisture in the needles was gone. There was a constant stream of friends and family coming through, propping up their feet, playing rousing, hilarious games of Monopoly and Scrabble (who needs beer pong!), 
going to the zoo,
 hitting every favorite restaurant, playing tourists in Old Town
making sure the bags weren't over packed - 49.0, just made it, 
that the flight was going even after a delay due to a snowstorm in New York, heckling the Tigers and the Ducks as they poured into Sky Harbor, then watching as the she hit the Elite Passenger line (thanks to Nana and Papa's extra miles, the poor kid got to go First Class) and headed off. Lots of texts on the way: my seat totally reclines! I'm never going back to coach (yes, you are), I'm in Newark and finally, at 1:38am my time, I'm in Madrid. Two hours later and a few back and forth middle of the night texts (for ten bucks you get 50 international texts, which usually lasts about fifteen minutes in Shanaland), she got her bag, made it to a cab, paid a fair rate, was safely delivered to her family in Alcala, reported that they were nice and I finally realized that everything would be OK. Working through some time difference issues over the day, jet lag and siestas, we've been able to Skype some, so we know about her room and the town. Technology is amazing. What did all those kids do when I was in high school and they had to wait for a real live letter? Those poor mommies. Having to actually wait until the Kindergarten school bell rings at the end of the day to find out everything, or until July when this adventure ends. Torture. So thanks for sharing today with me, Shana. Have fun at school on Monday. Study hard. Use your napkin. Brush your teeth. Call your mama.

Viva Espana! 

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