Friday, January 28, 2011

Alan Arkin

I just crack up everytime I look at the guy, so for two hours tonight it was a happy time. He wowed the crowd with stories about his long career, all of the nasty directors he's worked with and how he has changed over the years through meditating and just plain getting off his high horse and taking some advice from others every now and then. I'm way behind on his wide range of films and after hanging out with Al my pal and all the cool Phoenix Film Society folks, I'm going to Netflix them all.

Alan Arkin is a founding member of the famed Second City improvisational troupe, where a performing arts method now used by acting programs nationwide was initially developed. Alan has appeared in over 60 films and numerous plays both on Broadway and off. Alan's illustrious 40-year career includes the distinction of being one of only five actors to receive an Academy Award nomination for his first screen appearance. Oscar nominated three times for The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming and winning for Little Miss Sunshine. Alan has also been nominated for every major theatrical award in this country and Canada, and has won almost all of them. He has directed in every media, and is the author of ten books, most of them aimed at young people.

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