Monday, January 24, 2011

Maddie Madness

Good friend, Maddie, is back in town. Left us for Berkeley and for baby (omg, so cute) and has been busy gardening and grandma-ing and composting and whatever else it is they do up there in Northern Cal, but there are not a lot of friends and hardly any movies, so we've got a lot of catching up to do in a week. Started with The Fighter - wow, mind is still swirling, the whole Cain and Abel dilemma, the physicality and drama and violence of boxing, family secrets and all those shoulder pads! Incredible film.  The book club surrounded baby, Escher, and proud parents at Pita Jungle and just couldn't stop the festivities, so headed to AZ88 to hang on the patio and to see artist friend's new piece up on the wall. Stunning. Once a month, he will add one more sculpture, so check it out.
We're also throwing in an extra Maddie Movie Madness to see Another Year (Wednesday, 1/26 at 10:20am at Camelview),
plus one CAbi party and a ladies only TGIF low lights, no lycra dance party. Welcome home, M.

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