Friday, January 14, 2011


Shana and some peeps in Madrid. She doesn't seem to be blogging, something about jet lag, internet speed, maybe a bizarre need to keep the sparkly, shined-up part of her life private, so I'll pass on some tidbits. I've heard about school - Monday - Thursday from 9 to noon. Field trips the rest of the time, like today, a tour of Madrid with two of her teachers and the rest of her U of A group. There are other students in the program from around America, too - some from Utah, Connecticut, Alabama (they were all pretty happy after the Sunday football game in Phoenix) and some other places. There have been late nights doing flamenco and can can dancing, churros, tapas, scrambled eggs on fries, cool architecture, sangria (drinking age is like 13 over there) and lots more. Good thing for Skype. There are plans to meet up with some of her other friends studying abroad in France, Prague and Milan. If you want to read about another excellent study abroad adventure to see all that's missing in your life, check out her friend Becca's travels to India, whaddupindia. She's a Journalism major, went to Arcadia (Go Titans) and is a true gem. On the Shana front tomorrow - shopping with amigas, finding a phone charger, wandering around Alcala and, hopefully, more updates for back home.

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