Sunday, April 22, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I don't think I've cleaned Shana's closet since there was a crib in her room. I never had a problem just shutting her door and letting her live with whatever was growing in there. But with college graduation quickly approaching, I figured, if not now, when?
So...all done. Bathroom one, too. 
Shelves washed down, third grade stuff boxed away, a few purses put up and middle and high school yearbooks tucked in the back, ready for Miss Soon-To-Be-Tassled Smarty Pants. I even spackle-d and painted walls, rearranged furniture and dusted bookshelves, making lots of room for the big kid version about to move back in for the time being. I did leave my favorite little kiddie books out, way up high on the top shelf, just in case.  Maybe before she gets a job and moves away and leaves me for good she'll want me to read her another story.

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