Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday A'Fair xoxoxox

Sunday drive, my ass. When you're in line with a bunch of bad boys like these, it's more like a day at NASA. shiny!
Shawn whipped out his red racing gloves and I knew I was in trouble, holding on for dear life as he and the gang raced up the hill to Payson, hugging curves, nailing it on the straight-aways and causing pudgy guys in minivans to weep.

Who needs Viagra???

It was a stunning day, cool and crisp (somebody remind me about this in June) up there while we met some great new car freaks, had some amazing pasta and signed up for the next event on Wednesday with the boys.

Hightailed it down the little Scottsdale hill in the not-so-fast mom sedan to hear my new favorite local band, Sugahbeat!! The tunes were perfect, steel drummingly clear on the cool, breezy, toes in the grass, wined-up folks dancing to the band afternoon. Beautiful.

Then, Bueller, Bueller?
Met old and new amigas to join adorable Brodderick at the Montelucia for a couldn't-stop-smiling as the espresso martinis circled the table and took us all back to the 80s. 

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