Friday, April 27, 2012

Job Creator

Shana got a job! The kid's never had a difficult time finding work. She's got two jobs right now, even, tutoring the focused-on-other-things-athletes at U of A and also mentoring young minds at the Girl Scouts. So I guess I wasn't really worried that she would find work after graduation. Well, sort of worried. The news out there is bad. The recession is hurting all of us, especially young grads, but I tried to stay positive. In a low moment on Wednesday, as I chauffeured her around town to two interviews, I suggested waitressing wouldn't be such a bad idea for the summer, maybe. She looked at me like I was crazy. So, thank God, three interviews later, she got the call. Come work here. Help us provide ethics education to employees all over the world. Young, hip company in Phoenix doing something important. Growing fast. Great benefits and even a gym!
You go, (working) girl!

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  1. This girl is an awesome member of our team! We love her!