Monday, April 30, 2012

Movie Madness - The Deep Blue Sea

So sorry fellow Movie Madness peeps, but this was the perfect movie for me today. After spending way too many hours at the office this weekend, I went to bed thinking nothing's stopping me from Movie Madness tomorrow, dammit. I'd missed too many in a row due to our little office crises and didn't care what happened, nobody calling in sick, no demanding email, no double-booked schedule was going to keep from me from Camelview. Then the challenges came. The "my son's sick and I can't come in" text at 5:15. Fine. After being relegated to my bat cave in the back office, shackled to my chair for weeks, a day at the front desk might do me some good. I put on my elf-y peppy face and faked it. The patients came, the phones rang and by the time I finally got to my email, I was feeling good. Back in the groove. Maybe time to give up on the pity party, chica. We've got a nice practice. Some really amazing patients. The day's schedule was full of a good mix of old-timers and great newcomers, too. No crazies all morning. Everyone walked out feeling better, saying thank-you, smiling. That's got to be worth something. Then my email opened up. One from the guy in billing from the new company. Suddenly the debit card he's been charging for months isn't good enough. He wants my checking account info. Routing number. The works. It'll be easier for everyone, you know. If I didn't hand over the goods, they will start charging an extra 3% per month. I got mad. The rules keep changing. The promises aren't being kept. It all starting creeping in to my up-'til-then calm day. But then I looked at the clock, signed off hotmail and headed for the parking lot. As soon as I snuggled in to the dark, I felt better. I've always thought of Movie Madness like therapy, like that bumper sticker - A bad day fishing is better that a good day at the office. Even a bad movie can be worthwhile. Then the violins started, sort of a migraine-level whine in the back of your brain. The BFFs started rolling our eyes, shaking our heads at the first scene, a suicide attempt. A really slooow suicide attempt. Talk about a pity party. I thought about the pile of papers at work I had to get through. Then back to sad Hester on the screen. To tell the truth, last week I almost gave it all up like her. Chucked it all. Called it quits. On Movie Madness, that is. I even did a rough draft I'm pulling the plug on being in charge somebody else needs to take over these weekly emails note. I'm in crisis mode. My business is falling apart. Who am I kidding? I can't go to a movie. But, instead, I threw out The Deep Blue Sea late in the week to see if I got any bites. And I'm glad I did. I'm also glad the movie sucked, giving me an excuse to leave in the middle and get back to "git 'er dun" as the rest of the peeps stayed 'til the end, swimming all the way through, while I thankfully got to the bottom of my pile, smiled at the last patients and got my desk ready for tomorrow.

Next Monday - a comedy.

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