Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Cloud

Life in the computer cloud sucks. It's been a year now, this process of moving to the cloud, handing over all of our data, building new relationships with two big companies as they bought out my beloved little local companies along the way. I was happily flying below the radar as we played Getting To Know You, nobody signing me up for the rate increases, the new data plans, the new support agreements, all the gimmie gimmie gimmies. But that party is over. Each new day someone else asks for money - $2,500 here, $1,900 there. $518 a month more here for the rest of my life. You want your data, right? Oh, you want to bill insurance companies? That's extra. Print stuff? Way more. Today I got a quote for $600 to build an HL7 interface, whatever that is. Seems our old one was ancient. What does ancient mean? Who was is charge of age-related Star Wars-y things? Me? Wasn't that included in all those monthly charges? Programs not "talking" to each other, techie people driving me insane, list of issues getting longer every day, taking one step forward and two steps back. I've spent 95% of my time dealing with problems, putting out fires, trying to keep my cool since we're going to be in bed with these yahoos for a very long time, all while untangling the wound up knot in my chest, gasping for breath sometimes when I realize I haven't been breathing.

Maybe it's just all the humidity.

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