Saturday, April 28, 2012

I knew I should have gone more lesbian

I had no idea who Tony Tripoli was, just in need of a laugh when deposited a cheap offer in my email. Turns out he's a comic that works with Joan Rivers. Not a big TV watcher, the last thing I saw her in was her documentary at Camelview. How boring is that? No wonder none of the gay guys wanted to sit near me (Shawn almost got eaten alive as he walked up the aisle, so I put him on the end). But as one of only a few females in the packed Stray Cat Theatre, someone had to do it. Turns out it was two of our favorite guys from Nearly Naked Theatre so at least I had something interesting to say, making it one or two steps up from sitting next to your mom. Tony rallied on and on about growing up in Phoenix, tops, bottoms, county fairs, awkward things in high school, gay cruises, fat people using oxygen on non-gay cruises, Joan Rivers' face, how to speak slowly for a straight crowd, giving us a lot of raunchy fun laughs. Hilarious.

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