Monday, April 2, 2012


Sully's little head sunk into my lap and I knew he was gone. For fourteen years it had been all about me. He watched me come and go, always waiting at the door. He followed me around. He wanted to make me happy. 100% sweet. No anger. No judgment. Just total unconditional love and a never quite unconscious awareness of my whereabouts. He saw things no other creature has seen, getting a backstage pass to a chunk of our lives that was full of love and action and craziness that we'll never have again. He didn't ask for much - some food and a walk every now and then, knowing the difference between walking clothes and other clothes, flying around the place when the sneakers came out. He even knew what the word walk meant, forcing us to spell it out if we weren't quite ready to go. He made it easy to give back. He turned me into a dog person.

And he made it so hard to say good-bye.

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